Friday, October 23, 2015

Tentative Seeding

Seeding Race

Heat A                                                                                    Heat B

USA 75  / Chris Macaluso                                                      USA 39 / Russell Gardner

GBR 455 / Nigel Brown                                                          USA 185 / David Woodward

USA 65 / Bob Piper                                                                USA 173 / Jerry Sams

USA 413 / John Stark                                                             GBR 33 / Mark Dicks

USA 11 / Eric Rosenbaum                                                      USA 48 / Gino Arrue

USA 66 / James Tarr                                                              USA 116 / Gary Boell              

FRA 168 / Yann Bonnard                                                        USA 183 / Diana Mendt

USA 144 /  Darrell Krasoski                                                    BAR 09 / Tony Gonsalves

GBR 83 / Ken Binks                                                                USA 05 / Mark Cooper

USA 225 / Andy Rust                                                              IRL 03 / Martin Gray

USA 55 / Mark Golison                                                           USA 71 / Mauricio Dantas

USA 80 / Chuck Porth                                                             USA 34 / Brig North

USA 281/ Baron Bremer                                                         USA 41 / Fred Sheldon

USA 92 / Martin Van Wolfswinkel                                           GBR 799 / Tim Long

AUS 106/ Paul Martin                                                             USA 67 / Brian Mohs

USA 285 / Clark Fremgen                                                      USA 22 / Alex Goldberg

USA 132 / Dave Schultz                                                         USA 402 / Paul Thompson

USA 76 / Fernando Campoverde                                            USA 109 / Chuck LeMahieu

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 Dragon Force National Championship Home Page!

The Trinity River Yacht Club is looking forward to hosting the Inaugural Dragon Force National Championship at our excellent venue at Corinthian Sailing Club on White Rock Lake in the heart of Dallas, TX Oct 31 & Nov 1 2015! This will be the 6th radio sailing class National Championship regatta hosted by the TRYC in its 2 decade history. We are excited and honored to host this event for the fastest growing class in the USA and worldwide!! As skippers who have attended our TRYC events over the years have come to found out , please come prepared for a wide range of weather and wind conditions that can be found in Dallas in Oct/ Nov! The temps are usually very temperate this time of year but this is Texas after all. Storms can blow through quickly and winds can get very high! In our 2 days of racing in the RG65 White Rock Cup March of 2013, and also at highly successful Texas Dragon Force Series races some of our heats were run in winds exceeding 25 mph and waves of 3 feet!!! Fortunately the Dragon Force is well suited to these conditions and the skippers that had multiple rigs found themselves well rewarded on the race course! The venue is one of the best for radio sailing in the Southwest USA. White Rock Lake is an open, fresh water lake, weed free and constant level. All the facilities are within 100 yards of the race course including bathrooms, electricity, a covered clubhouse , and even refrigerators for your favorite beverage of choice! All Dragon Force boats entered in the regatta must comply with the one design / restricted class rules listed at : This race will also be scored as a part of the highly successful Texas Dragon Force series !